Through teamwork and for those most in need through an experience of praying love and serving, it is not only about helping those most in need but learning from them.
Volunteering is a way to share a meaningful living experience.
“While we don’t know what the future holds, we must always do something for the life of others”
Dalai Lama.


Diana Figueroa has volunteered with different non-profit organizations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia and Africa among others, with educational, orphanage, senior service, environment and service assistance programs doctors for people with HIV.


She has produced videos with photographs and images taken from the trips she made on behalf of the children; Among those, the Srbinje Hospital, Republika Srpska of Bosnia-Herzegovina, a visit it made through the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Mission Bosnia-Herzegovina). Experience of great satisfaction for their humanitarian service and for witnessing the reunion of refugee doctors for war.

She has volunteered at the Global Volunteer Network (“GVN”) in Kenya, Africa, also at International Volunteer HQ for the Massailand program and in Mozambique. She says that “making a difference in the world is important and we can all contribute to impacting people’s lives by helping them.” She is currently continuing as an international volunteer for different foundations.


Volunteer programs have the ability to provide services, maintaining learning and an experience of great value to their participants.



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Diana Figueroa

Multicultural Executive, Host & Life Coaching. Specialist in BioNeuroEmocion. Master in Leadership & Organizational Development with Coaching endorsed by ICF from USA & EIDHI International University. Business Communication, Pace University.