Online Consultation


The online consultation is a personalized session through a series of questions and manage to discover the influence of your beliefs, emotions, thoughts on your well-being. It is an accompaniment in the way of a transformation from the inside and you receive a guidenes so that you see a real situation and manage to discover more to your being.

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When you make the payment and to have a first contact, you will be directed to a questionnaire through which I will have a little more information prior to our meeting regarding of what happens to you, what you want to improve, your difficulties and therefore allow us in the session that we are going to explore.

Once the payment has been made within a maximum of 24 hours I will contact you to arrange a video call or conference session.

For the session you need video from your phone or from your computer camera, either by Skype, or by facetime, or some program that we have in common.

Consultations with minors are not attended.



You can make a enquiry related to your being that is focused on your being growth and personal development.

You may find yourself in a difficult situation and turning to a professional can help you get to see the way to go.



The payment of the query is made through a PayU or PayPal platform considered the most secure.



Session content will never be disclosed by any means and you may refer to our privacy policies.
The form is made by asking only the basic data such as name, age, email to establish contact.