We all find in our lives a process that impacts our being. Making the decision to make a personal journey to a new achievement and to a deep experience to build your life, you need to touch your truth and become part of the whole. Diana Figueroa’s strategies and tools are applied to bring them to know the states of consciousness so that you have clarity of what is going on or what is happening in your life. For people to experience a state of being in love is our goal of serving.


Multicultural Executive, Host & Life Coaching. Specialist in BioNeuroEmotion relationship between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Master in Leadership & Organizational Development with Coaching endorsed by ICF from USA & EIDHI International University. Experience in marketing and strategic planning in multimedia content markets throughout Latin America. Her experience width in the world of television and as head of public relations and commercial executive of products for TV, cable television and cinema. She worked in production and as a TV presenter in Colombia, New York and the International area.