We emphasize the ability to listen.
Our methodology stands by integrating the strategic process, focuses on strategy and transformation to recover the human being.

Communication on the move

We’re talking about building assertive messages.

Inspirational Leadership

A process of influencing, guiding, and directing members of an organization.

Emotional Connection

A state of integral health is achieved physically, mentally and spiritually.

Business Decision

We support you in recognizing, letting go and making business decisions.

Emotional Connection

Each of us experiences different levels of communication throughout his life and the wonderful thing is that we learn to relate to different ideas, circumstances, levels, schedules and in the end, everything is integrated…


Being Coherent is the best relationship in communication with yourself to interact with others.

Strategic Communication

Advice, guidance and operational assistance to companies and other organizations in communication, marketing and management issues, such as strategic and organizational planning.


Diana has experience in the production, representation and distribution of original, creative and innovative content for television, public relations and works in the different media communication platforms.

History to Serve

Through teamwork and for those most in need through an experience of prayer, love and serving it is not only about helping those most in need but learning from them.

Volunteering is a way to share a meaningful living experience.


Mountain climbing


Presence in Countries




Big Media



Let me know your concerns or suggestions.

Diana Figueroa

Multicultural Executive, Host & Life Coaching. Specialist in BioNeuroEmocion. Master in Leadership & Organizational Development with Coaching endorsed by ICF from USA & EIDHI International University. Business Communication, Pace University